Finland, Where Your Leisure Time is Outdoors

Finland, Where Your Leisure Time is Outdoors

It would be a mistake to come to #Finland and stay inside. Especially when it's so fun to get outdoors and get #active. Try a fishing trip over sparkling waters, or learn how to face down rapids (even if they are small) on a guided #canoeing trip. Wander around the banks of the lake and see how important #nature is to the Finnish people.

It might come as a surprise, especially because we are talking about a country way up north where temperatures are not exactly mild, especially in winter time, but outdoor activities are a crucial part of Finnish lifestyle, no matter the season.

On the shores of the Jääsjärvi Lake

For many reasons, Finland has been the country of my firsts. Well, not all firsts, obviously, but when it comes to outdoor activities, that’s pretty much it. 

Finland has been the country of my firsts.

To begin with, this was my first time in Finland, and during the trip I went kayaking for the first time, had a sauna for the first time, did zip wires, swinging bridges and other shaky stuff for the first time at Vierumäki Flowpark (don’t get too excited here, I did the easiest track and I was already exhausted), and also went canoeing for the first time.

Fresh from open-air canoe class

My canoeing performance started in Hartola, near our base, Linna Hotel, right on the shores of Jääsjärvi Lake, where our guide, Helena of Maahisen Muki ja Mela (their website) explained to us how to behave once on board, along with some useful tips on how to avoid capsizing, how to face a rapid (even the tiny ones we found on our way) and also how not to get stuck in the bushes or in the rocks (like I did).

The view along our canoe tour. Not bad, is it?

After our little outdoor class, we jumped on a canoe and started our trip on the calm waters of Jääsjärvi Lake, just to get warm and familiar before facing the not-so-raging flow of Tainionvirta River and its first small rapids. We did some 4 kilometers and took us a couple of hours, but depending on how experienced you are and on the trail you choose, it can take you from a couple of hours up to four days, like the trail from Hartola to Sysmä.

We saw quite a few people fishing, both a man fishing directly from the water and two from the boat. For all of them the common feature was one and only: silence. Fishing in Finland is seen as a way of meditating, and maybe a reason why silence is the first step to reaching true peace of mind.

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Fishing Trips in Saimaa, Finland

 Saimaa, Finland
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Whatever your level of experience is, the best way to fully enjoy the landscape, the seemingly endless stretch of water, the local vegetation and the occasional fish and birds, is to go slowly and stop from time to time to marvel at some of the wonders nature unleashes in this untouched corner of Europe.

Seemingly fluffy barley fields

A trip around quaint Hartola is kind of water-themed. After canoeing along the lake and the river, and a mandatory scrumptious snack at Koskenniemi guesthouse, we went back to our hotel via an inspiring trek along a wet bog where we managed to delve into the local way of life and traditions, from enjoying the peat right in nature to berry picking, from float fishing to simply hiking, surrounded by nothing but trees interrupted only by fluffy expanses of golden barley.

Surrounded by nothing but trees, interrupted only by fluffy expanses of golden barley.
Some of the colors we encountered during our walk
Berry picking
Canoeing in a group
Fishing from the water
More of the beautiful Hartola landscape
What it looks like living on the banks of the river
What it looks like living on the banks of the river
Float fishing (and meditating) from the boat
Barley close-up
Barley close-up

Above you can see the rest of the shots I took during this walk, images that will inevitably inspire you to unplug from your daily routine and plunge headfirst into this tranquil spot of southern Finland.

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