Sailing Holiday Packing List for him and her

Sailing Holiday Packing List for him and her

With limited space, packing for a #sailing holiday can be quite tricky. We’ve rounded up some ideas and suggestions to make sure that you’re covered by these essentials. Pack smart, #sail away and enjoy!

Sailing Essentials

We’ll help you create the ultimate packing list for your sailing holiday.

A sailing holiday is one of the most relaxing types of vacation you can have, no checking in and out of hotels and needing to pack your bags every few days as you move from location to location. However, because you are aboard a yacht (or boat) you need to make sure that you have everything you need with from the beginning of the journey, as purchasing items while sailing can be both expensive and difficult. Never fear, we’ve sailed a few times and have the ultimate packing list for your week-long sailing vacation right here.

Sailing Packing List; two key Essentials

Beside the really obvious suggestions like your passport and visa (if required), tickets, bank ATM cards, credit cards, phone and charger, music CDs/ iPod/MP 3 player, there are two items which are are by far the most important in my opinion.

Soft-soled shoes: No need to buy fancy boat shoes; although there are so many super cool ones in stores! You will need shoes with a rubber sole to avoid making scuff marks (which can be deducted from your rental deposit) and also to ensure you don’t slip and fall on deck. Breaking a leg is one sure way to ruin your vacation on the azure seas.

You will need shoes with a rubber sole to avoid making scuff marks

Soft bag; If possible, pack your cute bikinis and tanning lotions in a soft bag, they always seem to stow much more easily than big bulky hard suitcases which take up far-too-much room. I like this Herschel Supply Co. bag, which comes in a bunch of colours and is polyester so it’s easy to clean and won’t be easily damaged by salt water. Duffle bags are a great option as they are big, but can be stored under your bed.

Duffle bags are a great option as they are big, but can be stored under your bed

"Sailors believe that it's bad luck to bring a hard suitcase onboard- or so I am told!"

Sailing Packing List; What Else you Need

Lightweight clothes: Dresses, tank tops, shorts, that type of thing. Just remember that you’ll be in your swimwear most of the time:

   - Women: 2 dresses, 2 pair of shorts, 3 T-shirts/tank tops

   - Men: 5 T-shirts/tank tops, 3 pairs of shorts

Good quality sunglasses are a must: My faves are these Ray-Bans by Erika Round, and because you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, I also love the Marc Jacobs transparent frame sunglasses as a lighter alternative to black or tortoise.

Wind protection: Easily forgotten off your packing list, because you are thinking about the sun, but, you may get caught in some cool weather, so, pack at least one pullover, cardigan or windbreaker, just in case. A pashmina is also a great idea if things get chilly.

Sea view

In case of bad weather: In case it gets crisp at night, or you encounter (gasp!) rain. Be sure to have a pair of leggings / tracksuit pants as a backup. If a pair of socks and a light jumper can fit into your bag, throw them in also.

Be sure to have a pair of leggings/ tracksuit pants as a backup

Underwear: Bras and underwear. One for each day. No one wants to wash and hang these up for the world to see.

Swimwear: These are small, and light, so:

- Women: Bring at least two – but I usually end up packing four…okay five

- Men: Boardshorts or speedos, you decide

Cover-ups: I am not a fan of strutting about in my swimwear while sailing, so I always add to my packing list a few kaftans, sarongs and cover-up dresses. I’m guilty of colour coordinating them with my swimmers; no need to go that far (or is there?). I love this one at just $13 it is a bargain! I also adore this Melissa Odabash Michelle Cover Up Dress.

Shoes: Let’s face it you will be barefoot most of the time (or in your rubber soled shoes), nevertheless you will also need a pair of flip flops and or sandals to wear while out at a restaurant. If you plan to bike or trek a pair of tennis shoes is also handy. The husband and I combine two pairs in one and add to our sailing packing list a pair of unisex Superga shoes which are perfect for walking and are soft-soled for wearing on the yacht.

from  $510

Croatian Yacht Week

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Skin protection: Girls pack your biggest most-wide brim hat (or hats if you like to colour coordinate), boys, add to your packing list a baseball cap, and everyone pack lots and lots of 50+ sunscreen. Note: Sunscreen can be expensive on the islands, so be sure to pack it.

Sunscreen can be expensive on the islands, so be sure to pack it

Toiletries: This is one area you can save a lot of room. Purchase an inexpensive hanging toiletry bag, and pack in just the basics – in travel size. Your sailing packing list must-haves are soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, motion sickness meds (just in case), mosquito repellent, skin moisturiser and antiperspirant deodorant. Plus:

- Women: Hairbrush, elastics, headband, a razor, and if you think you’ll need them (let’s hope not) tampons.

- Men: Nothing extra, aren’t you lucky!

The usual water toys: Of course, you’ll still need your usual beach-side vacation essentials like a blow-up lounge chair and snorkelling gear, camera, but what about an underwater camera, this one is just $20!

Towels: Micro fibre towels are the best choice as they dry very fast. Often the yacht rental company provides one, but if not pack two so you have one to use while one is drying – or to roll up and use as a pillow on deck.

Camera: your battery charger and be sure to highlight on your sailing holiday packing list a spare memory card – so many photo ops while sailing you may even need two.

 So many photo ops while sailing you may even need two

If you have any room left, some other items you may want to add to your packing list are:

Earplugs: Things can get noisy if you are docked at a busy marina overnight.

Denim jacket: While you can bring a cardigan or wrap, to add a little edge to your look throw on a Levi’s Women’s Authentic Trucker Jacket. This works great with the tank dresses or over casual shorts

Eyemask: Maybe overkill but some of you may need it – especially for a daytime siesta or two.

Activities to pass the time: Those books you’ve been meaning to read (leave them behind when you are done), E-Reader, magazines, playing cards, music and if there are a bunch of you sailing for a week, what about packing a board game?

Waterproof bag: To protect your phone and other valuables. You can get ones like this or just use zip lock bags which are a little cheaper.

Waterproof bag to protect your phone and other valuables

Clothes pegs: Things need to dry on deck, and when you pick up speed or the winds are a-blowing, you need pegs to tie your gear down. You don’t want your towels and swimmers flying off into the Adriatic now do you?

Lip balm: Wind chapped lips are a real drag.

Underwater charm

Things you Should Leave off Your Packing List

Hair straightener: Girlfriend, with the salt in your hair, let it all be al-natural!

Expensive watches and jewellery: Once it falls overboard, it’s gone forever.

High heels: There ain’t any need. Period.

Now, there is probably just one more thing missing from your packing list – me! Can I come with you on your sailing adventure? Fair winds and following seas.

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