Reunion; Part 3 - Adrenaline

Reunion; Part 3 - Adrenaline

Part 3 of my adventure in #Reunion. My #parapente ride is my highlight of the year so far! Flying above the #ocean is definitely the best place to be to get the most out of the spectacular scenery.

I tried to split my experiences in Reunion into the following:

Part 1; Cuisine, relaxation, beaches, nature (wildlife musems), my favourite towns and hotels

Part 2; Hike up an errupting volcano and the surrounding area

Part 3; Adventure; climbing, parapente, mountains, waterfalls and motorbiking

Right! I have mentioned in Part 1 where to go to relax, now for the active recommendations! This is a surfer's paradise...but be careful there are sharks! Make sure you listen to the locals and stay in the 'safety' areas!

The Ocean's waves are amazing if you fancy the challenge...

The Ocean
The Ocean

Though the best way to see the Ocean, is from above....


The volcano's eruption was an unexpected adrenaline fix, but the one which I had planned, and which I have been buzzing with excitement for was a parapente ride.

Running down the hill, for the wind to dip just as we took off enabling me to have a slight Tarzan moment in the sugar cane before rising and gliding serenely down and above the mountain.


This gives you the most breath-taking views of the ocean, the clearest blues and the coral reefs.

Over the Ocean

I flew with Bourbon Parapente (I think), who were professional, friendly, experienced and slightly hunky too!

from  $89

Parapente Ride

 4 Rue Haute, Saint-Leu, Arrondissement of Saint-Paul, Reunion
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The most amazing views I have ever seen; vertical cliffs and wild wild nature, and the most charming little villages! Though personally I am a disaster on a bike, this could also be a cyclists heaven!

The most amazing views I have ever seen; vertical cliffs and wild wild nature, and the most charming little villages

There are stunning hikes for all abilities, so make sure you book a guide to get the most out of your trip!

from  $76

Day Hike to Mafate (Cayenne Islet)

 Cirque de Mafate, La Possession, Saint-Denis, Reunion
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There are three ‘Cirques,’ which were born from the erosion and collapse of the Piton de Neige.

Cirque de Mafate

Accessable on foot. this UNESCO world heritage site has over 100 footpaths leading to the cirque’s villages where time stands still.

Top Tip; Don't lean over the gorge to take a photo of a spider's web... drop your camera case... then try to get it! It is a wee bit vertical!


Cirque de Salazie

The largest and greenest; a long deep canyon, lined with wonderful waterfalls). If you go here, make sure to visit Hell-bourg, my favourite village. (Make sure you go when it is sunny, to avoid the village being shrouded in mist).


Cirque de Cilaos

A memorable steep drive which left me in complete awe of the passing cyclists! Ultimate respect!

For the really fit, the Piton des Neiges (3,070 metres), an old, eroded volcano, and the highest point of the island awaits!


Book an overnight hostel so that you can see the sun rise over the volcano.


There are also many stunning waterfalls including the ‘cascade Niagara’ near Saint Suzanne.


Adrenaline Junky

If you are active, the island is renowned for its hang gliding, paragliding, kayaking, rafting, canyoning, watersports, sky-diving, cycling trails, climbing and more.

Unfortunately I did not have time or money to do them all this time.

Remind me to do the ‘accrobranche’ (assault course in the tress) next time too please!

For cheap action, beach volleyball is great too!

Beach Volleyball, St Leu
Beach Volleyball, 


Reunion has a tropical climate. Average coastal temperatures range from between 21-27 degrees C I went in May which was perfect for someone with an English Rose complexion (or Roastbeef- as called by the French)!

Sun-cream, hiking shoes, and mosquito repellent are a must! & bring a light waterproof.

& if you want to see more of my photos, please go to; Cat's Blot. All feedback greatly appreciated!

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