Understanding Utrecht

Understanding Utrecht

I have moved around the world a lot and lived in many cities. I would like to tell about my current home, #Utrecht in the #Netherlands, for #goMowgli's #TheBestTravelJob campaign. I've found out so much about Utrecht's #architecture and #culture that I would love to share with you.

I have been really fortunate to experience living in 5 different cities, across 3 countries, so far. Let me tell you a bit about my current home– Utrecht.

I moved here a year ago and I still can’t get the name right! The Dutch have weird pronunciations (weird for us, not for them) for ‘u’, ’g’, ‘ij’and ‘youi’ syllables. I finally know what it is like to live in a big city in the Netherlands. By “big”, I mean, approximately 330,000 people. It’s nothing when compared to our gigantic city standards in India!

This city epitomizes Holland. You know, those typical images that a foreigner has about Holland with canals, narrow streets with cobbled stones, windmills and so on. The canal ‘Oudegracht’ (literally the old canal) passes right through the city center and is lined with pubs, restaurants and fashionable shops along both sides. Biking, barbecuing and enjoying a beer by the canal are some ways how I spent my first summer in Utrecht. The nightlife is not just lively but also charming due to beautiful medieval churches converted into bars, and quaint restaurants.

This city epitomizes Holland

Utrecht is also an environmentally conscious city. In order to encourage cyclists and make biking more convenient, my city will have the world’s largest bicycle parking lot by 2018. As you might already know cycling is the lifeline of this country. It’s the main means of transportation for most of us.

cycling is the lifeline of this country

I love this city because it has really sucked me out of my comfort zone. I am starting from scratch again - network, friends and know-hows. I am now seeking out to connect with more people - this has put me back in touch with my hobbies like public speaking and dancing.

To sum up: Utrecht = Amsterdam minus crazy crowds!"

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