Baroda is More Than Just a City

Baroda is More Than Just a City

#Baroda or Vadodara as it is also known, is the site of the Lakshmi Vilas Palace, the residence of the Maharaja of Baroda and the royal family. It is a fascinating Indian city full of #culture. This story was written as an entry to the #goMowgli campaign for #TheBestTravelJob.

Baroda, the banyan city holds a special place in my heart for it was the home that built me. A place I spent all my formative years in, is more than just a "city" for me. A city that embraces its cultural differences and yet has a strong hold over its own.

is more than just a "city" for me

Being a university city, it has an abundance of students from all over the country and the world. From 3am station restaurants and Ratri bazaar satisfying one's cravings to the old markets like Shukravari and Mangalbazaar, which still have old house and antiques at vintage prices, is an experience to not miss. One also can't miss out on the old restaurants like Millenium and Frigtemp that were a rave even during my parent’s college years.

Vadodara or Baroda (as I like to call it) known as the cultural hub of Gujarat has the largest garba celebration in Asia which unites the entire city irrespective of religion. Baroda will never be just another city for me but a place that resonates with vibrancy and simplicity that will amaze me for years to come. For the more adventurous ones, there are contemporary activities to experience like the grand 'Vadfest' and 'Vadodara marathon.

Baroda will never be just another city for me

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