The Land of Ice and Fire

The Land of Ice and Fire

My trip to #Iceland was a fantastic experience. Mind-blowing landscapes, #active adventures, cool cities and awesome #foodanddrink- I can't recommend it enough! So if you're looking for #culture and some crazy experiences all surrounded by some of the planet's most beautiful scenery, head to Iceland.

  Iceland is a place where no one seems to talk about, and I can’t figure out why. In one word: Breathtaking. The island is a land of diverse features; glaciers, volcanos, lakes, flat lands and mountains. The people are friendly, the food is great, the beer tastes good and the scenery is unreal. 

   The island is a land of diverse features  

Iceland is the perfect location if you are going to or from the U.S to Europe. Iceland air offers the ability to stopover in Iceland for up to a week with no additional charge, they also offer a buddy to show you around! (Seriously, an Iceland air employee will hang out with you while you are there and show you around) 

  Iceland is the perfect location if you are going to or from the U.S to Europe.  

If you do not want to rent a car, there is a great bus service that will bring you right outside Reykjavik and from there they will shuttle you to your hotel or hostel. We stayed right in Reykjavik at a place called Hlemmur Square. The location was great, the staff friendly and the beer flowed all day. Hint: for the budget traveler, Hlemmur Square is half hostel and half hotel, so you can certainly find inexpensive rates. For atlas one day I recommend the walking tour of the city. Either with a guide or just on your own. 

from  $49

Great City Tour of Reykjavik

 Reykjavík, Capital Region, Iceland
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The city is small and easy to get around. Some notable sights I would recommend are The Harpa Opera house and Hallgrimskirkja (massive stone church), and for the lovers of the weird/odd I recommend the Icelandic Philological Museum. 

  for the lovers of the weird/odd I recommend the Icelandic Philological Museum  
  Hallgrimskirkja Church  
You can see some pretty weird stuff in the Icelandic Philological Museum

Take a walk down Laugavegur, the small streets have many eateries, bars and shops to check out. For you party animals out there, Icelanders can party all night. Head back out later on and dive into one of the many bars and clubs and party all night, Check out The Lebowski Bar (yes, like the big Lebowski), The Bunk Bar, and Boston. 

  Icelanders can party all night  
Iceland is famous for its beautiful waterfalls

Icelandic waterfall

Now I believe visitors should spend many days on the island sightseeing, but if time is limited there are a few things you need to check out. The #1 thing is the golden circle. Explore it on your own or go with a group to be sure not to miss anything or get lost; Check out Extreme Iceland, they offer great tours around the country. 

from  $73

The Golden Circle Tour in Iceland

 Gullfoss, South, Iceland
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  The #1 thing is the golden circle  

 The Golden circle is a loop from Reykjavik and back that stops by all of the sights you must see. Volcanos, Waterfalls (Including Gullfoss, Europe's largest and and possibly one of the World most breathtaking waterfalls), Geysers, Thingvellir National Park, and a few huge lakes. 

Iceland has many lakes
Alright geyser!
A sunken lake

The next thing you must do, and it is undoubtably the most advertised and touristy destination is the Blue Lagoon ( Book in advanced as the lines to get in are long. 

Don't miss out on visiting the B

lue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is really popular with tourists

They will only let a certain amount of people in at any given time so you may end up waiting. As much as it is touristy, it is equally amazing. The water is a perfect blue, unlike anything you have ever seen. The lagoon is essentially a giant, beautiful hot tub. 

from  $61

The Blue Lagoon

 Blue Lagoon parking, Path into the Blue Lagoon, Southern Peninsula, Iceland
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Pay the entrance fee and go relax for a few hours; This is a good morning option if you have a later flight. Hint: The shower floors become very slippery. I know this, because I fell hard onto them. Overall this country is underrated and under appreciated. I did not find one thing I didn't like about Iceland. The sights, the culture, the food and the people; all great. Oh yea, don't forget to try their national dish: Hákarl.   

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