Less Common Activities in the Netherlands

Less Common Activities in the Netherlands

If the #Netherlands is not the place to be #active, I don't know where is! Take your pick from abseiling, #flying a plane, #skydiving, #paintballing, renting a scooter or a #boat. If you're feeling less adventurous, you always have the choice to go to a #festival or even visit an animal farm.

After living in the Netherlands for a while, I became bored of all the museums and tourist attractions because I quickly visited them all more than once. If you’re an expat looking for something a bit different to do in Holland, perhaps this list can offer you a few fun activities. 

1. Go to a festival 

Holland hosts a lot of festivals every year including the famous Gay Pride and Grachten festivals. This past summer there were a few music festivals, open-air and drive-in cinemas, and much more. During Easter and other special occasions, various cities also set up miniature theme parks, like on the 3rd of October in Leiden. 

Don’t forget about the weather in Holland; never wear sandals unless you want to get stuck in the mud, and always carry a raincoat with you.

A soggy festival

2. Visit an animal farm 

I love animals so I could visit sheep, rabbits, and all other types of farm creatures every day. Holland is full of miniature farms where you can interact with some of these cuties. The easiest way to find them is to follow the Green Heart (Groene Hart) biking route.

Stroking a sheep

3. Rent a boat 

I don’t need to introduce boats to anyone, but a nice alternative to the more common big party boats are small simple rowboats. Rent a boat, row to the bar and get served on your own rowboat.

from  $84

Rent a Boat

 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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 My boyfriend had never rowed a boat before so I had to row him around, imagine that! Naturally, all of the Dutch guys were laughing and yelling at him.

Enjoying the sunshine

4. Go abseiling

Before my boyfriend surprised me for my name-day, I was unaware that you could abseil down the Euromast in Rotterdam.

from  $58

Abseiling Euromast

 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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For around 50 euros you can throw yourself down the tower with a rope. I have to say it was pretty scary to go down from the edge, even though the Euromast isn’t that big. However, it wasn’t nearly as scary as bungee jumping in South Africa.

5. Rent a scooter

If you haven’t done it already, renting a scooter for a day is a great alternative to biking. My personal recommendation would be going to the beach in one of the coastal towns.

 6. Fly a plane 

Last weekend I had a chance to learn the basics of flying a Cessna plane. 

from  $110

Airplane Tour Over Amsterdam

 Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Obviously I had an instructor next to me to show me how everything works, but most of the time I was flying by myself with my boyfriend as a passenger. You can do it at a few locations across the country, but I recommend starting at Lelystad airport because it gives you the opportunity to fly over a dolphinarium where you can see dolphins!

Flying a Cessna plane

7. Skydive in Texel 

Skydiving in Texel is still on the top of my to-do list in the Netherlands.

from  $231

Skydiving in Texel

 Postweg 128, 1795 JS De Cocksdorp, Texel, Netherlands
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 8. Go paintballing

I’ve always wanted to try paintballing; paintballing in Spaarnwoude is a good option for a group of friends who want to hang out and have fun in the mud by shooting each other.

from  $30

Paintball in Spaarnwoude

 Genieweg 44, 1981 LN Velsen-Zuid, NH, Netherlands
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