In Solapur, everybody has got lot of time

In Solapur, everybody has got lot of time

Time is golden, and when you are in #Solapur, #India it shines through. You are immediately welcomed by friendly faces and into the #culture. I've grown extremely fond of this city and has charmed me beyond my knowledge. Lets see if my story will win the the #goMowgli campaign for #TheBestTravelJob.

In Solapur, everybody has got lot of time. You can ask anyone, “How are you doing today?” and in reply you will get ‘nivant' (at leisure) for sure. In big cities like Pune/ Mumbai, you ask for address; just give it a try. You will get a resounding, ‘Don’t know’ for sure.

You can ask anyone, How are you doing today

But in Solapur, since they’ve got ‘enough’ time, they will at times even escort you to your destination. Not only about directions, you will receive help from them for almost any matter.

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Hotel Tripursundari - Solapur, India

 Solapur, Maharashtra, India

I’ve spent twenty two years of my life in this ‘Lai Bhari’ in Solapur - a small humble town, sharing borders with three different states, which was independent for a day, when the whole country was enslaved. 

This place has given the country an IT expert-genius like Achyut Godbole, a great actor like Atul Kulkarni, politicians like Sushil Kumar Shinde and cricketers like Anagha Deshpande. Now when I’m here, in Indore, doing my PhD, some part of my heart is still empty. This emptiness cannot be fulfilled by the greatness of Indore, but only by the simplicity of ‘Sonnalgi’.

cannot be fulfilled by the greatness of Indore, but only by the simplicity of Sonnalgi

I miss Solapur, ‘Amcha Solapur’; ‘Majha Solapur’.

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