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Travelling the Wanderlost Way

The Wanderlost Way

Hey guys, I’m Stephanie! I live my life The Wanderlost Way, and on this blog, you’ll learn how to embrace your spontaneity and curiosity to experience off-the-beaten-path (amazing!) travel, too.
For years, I’ve raised many a eyebrow for the way I explore the world. Night in the Sahara? Sure, let’s dune buggy with locals. Visiting the Catskills? Not letting my lack of fancy hiking boots keep me from climbing those mountains.
But you know what I say to those eyebrow raisers?
You don’t have to be an expert to explore the world.
In fact, when you experience the world through the lens of your own curiosity – pursuing what interests you, and not letting circumstance hold you back – you’ll have richer experiences and a lifetime of captivating stories.
That’s The Wanderlost Way, and after 10+ years of crazy, globetrotting adventures, I’m excited to help you explore this big, beautiful world, too!
On this blog, you’ll learn how to take side streets, engage locals, try crazy dishes, continue the adventures after vacation, and see sights with a Wanderlost (read: not touristy) twist.
And, above all else, I’ll share how you can break down the barriers of daily routine and uncertainty to see the world the best possible way:
The Wanderlost Way.

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