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My name is Seattle Dredge and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I grew up in small town Ontario, and never really traveled until I was 17 years old, when I took off to Italy on my own to live for the summer. From that point forward I have been a bit “travel-obsessed” and have never been able to stay home for long.

I am now 27 years old, and a full time travel blogger. I do a bit of social media work on the side, but can work from anywhere in the world. I worked as a wedding photographer for a few years, but it wasn’t something that I had a passion for.

I prefer to continue working in travel photography along with my blogging, while exploring the world one country and one photo at a time.

I have never been to Seattle, nor was I conceived there. I was named after the Native Indian Chief Seathl of the Duwamish, as I am part Native Canadian. I’m also part Irish and Polish Gypsy.

I studied physical geography and GIS at York University, and some might say that I have an obsession with maps and geology (okay, even I would call it an obsession). World maps plaster my walls, my electronics and if you shake my hand you might even notice a permanent map in ink on my wrist. Seriously, obsessed.

I tend to travel to places that are geologically unique, so I can gush over rock formations and volcanic landscapes. I choose places that are going to provide adventure and adrenaline, and if they might not be known for that–I seek it out.

I like to do things that scare me, even if it involves swimming in the ocean (which terrifies me) or jumping out of a plane.

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