International Traveller

Bruised Passports

I am an academic with a PhD in visual arts and literature. Even my pedantic self believes that in a world saturated with visual media, what you wear is as much an expression of your personality as what you read, eat, or watch.

I despise conventionality as much as I love colour, mismatched socks, and messy hair. I cringe at labels but if I had to describe my style, it would be bohemian, with a quirky edge. I cherish eccentricity – be it in literature, films, or clothes.

I’ve always maintained I’m a bit of an urban gypsy- a confluence of my travels. I love amalgamating ethnic elements, experimental clashes of materials and colors, flea-market finds, and avant-garde trends into fun outfits. I blog about the outfits I wear when I’m travelling. Expect the ‘wears’ section of this blog to be a eclectic mushball of bright colours, kohl-rimmed eyes, unkempt hair, wander lust, and sun-hazed locations.

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