Piritta Paija

Professional Travel Blogger

Bizzarre Globe Hopper

We are Piritta and Niina, two more or less bizarre globe hoppers from Helsinki, Finland. By far both of us have visited about 40 countries, and the score keeps growing.

Usually we take the road less traveled, but when visiting more touristic spots we’ll try to find the peculiarity in them. Mingling with local cultures and touring less visited sights we’ll offer you tips on how to find the most authentic experiences. On our travels we’ve learned that the other travelers are usually the best source of information. We are here to make your travels easier and to give inspiration where to go next.

We travel always when possible, which means on every vacation from our current day jobs. At least twice a year we take a longer journey and try to dot the other months with some shorter take offs. Our goal is to visit places where we haven’t been before, as the world is full of new adventures.

We thrive to make this site a comprehensive travel journal presenting the more curious side of destinations, scaling from big cities to faraway mountains and rainforests. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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