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Who is The Global Couple?
Hi! We’re Petra and Shaun, a mid-20s couple from New Zealand.
Welcome to our little corner of the internet, The Global Couple travel blog! It’s great to have you along for the ride. We hope to provide insights into different and interesting destinations as well as travel tips, with a budget adventure traveller focus (because that’s what we do!).
About us:
We’ve been together for over eight years, and got married in April 2015! We both hail from Auckland, New Zealand and met when we were 18 at a New Year’s Eve party in the Coromandel, New Zealand. Our first overseas adventure was to Bali a year later, and from there our travel obsession took off!

Petra has a Masters degree in geography and works as a climate scientist at a New Zealand government research organisation. She loves photography, quirky souvenirs, and hiking. She also has a weird obsession for all things to do with baby animals – show her a cute kitten video and she’ll be happy!

Shaun is a carpenter and project manager at a construction company. He loves craft beer, camper-van road trips, and good food (especially steak). He’s a bit of an entrepreneur and is always coming up with business ideas, and he wants to build a tiny house one day.

Together, we love challenging ourselves to try new things – as can be seen on our lengthy Bucket List.

We’ve bungee jumped backwards off a bridge in Canada, learned to SCUBA dive in Thailand, seen New York City from a helicopter, stayed in local’s houses on a trek in Myanmar, bought a camper-van in New Zealand, camped in a $40 Wal-Mart tent for two weeks in northeast USA, saved baby turtles in Mexico, and have been around the world in two months.

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