Margherita Ragg


The Crowded Planet

We are Margherita and Nick, a writer and photographer from Italy and Australia, long-term travellers and lovers of nature, wildlife and the outdoors.

Margherita is a cat lover and mountain junkie, and The Crowded Planet's writer. Coffee, sleeping in and laughing are some of the things she loves. Nick specialises in wildlife and landscape photography.

The Crowded Planet focuses on what we love most; nature and adventure travel, with an eye on sustainability. In our opinion, nature and adventure can be found anywhere – on the ski slopes, on a mountain wall or on a hiking path, but also in cities. We write about ‘traditional’ nature and adventure travel, but also about alternative cities, urban nature and local festivals. There are no limits to what adventure can be, as long as you have an adventurous mind!

Margherita Ragg’s stories