Kristin Addis

Globe trotter, Explorer , Dreamer

Be My Travel Muse

I’m a 20-something Southern California native who has been adventuring around the globe nonstop since 2012. I was the kid who used to play Civilization and the Amazon Trail video games. I was the one who spent hours searching the weather and capital cities of far-off places around the world, just to imagine how it would feel to be there. I used to write imaginative stories and paint all the time. I was a dreamer.

Somewhere along the way, however, I started to doubt my passions and instead went for a stable career. I worked as an investment banker for four years in Newport Beach, which burned me out and pushed me to make a change. So…

I sold my belongings and, armed with nothing but a carry-on bag and no company but my own, became a solo female traveler.

Since then, I’ve hitchhiked solo across China, been invited to countless events by locals, climbed some of the tallest mountains in the world, done some of the deepest SCUBA dives in the world, and even became a Buddhist nun for 10 days.

Almost three years later, the journey continues. I came to realize over time that talking to locals, ditching guides and group tours, and always taking local transportation immersed me in the local culture and showed me the real parts of the countries I was visiting – things that tourists almost never get to see or understand.

When other travelers took the tourists boats, I found my way onto the cargo ferries, when others would hire a car and driver, I hung out of the door of a moving train, and when others would take a bus, I hitchhiked. Be My Travel Muse has since become a valuable resource for like-minded travelers who want an enriching cultural experience when they travel.

This is a travel blog for those who want an adventure, who like to feel challenged, who want to see things differently, who want to learn more, engage more, and experience more during their travels and vacations. Be My Travel Muse can help you plan an immersive off the beaten path trip without spending months in the country or countless hours researching.

More than that, Be My Travel Muse has become a community of conversational posts and readers who are equally adventurous and amazing (just look at the comments section on any post to see what I mean!), turning this into one of the best travel blogs for those who really love adventure and culture.

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