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Awesome! You found us! You are now travelling with the Bender family.
We left our home in Perth, Australia many moons ago in May 2012 and, other than a brief stint back in Perth for Christmas and a wedding in early 2014, we have been travelling the world nomadically ever since.
We love new experiences and seeing more of this wonderful world. It’s heaps of fun, but it’s also a rich learning experience for all four of us. We loved travelling before kids, and frankly, they weren’t going to stop us.

Contrary to the most common question we get asked – no, we have not won lotto. We are just an ordinary Australian couple who use our laptops, internet connection and a bit of creativity to keep working on the road wherever we go.

We have been to dozens of countries and stayed in over 100 hotels and apartments. So we’ve learned a thing or two along the way and enjoy sharing these tips with others who are looking to venture out to an exotic distant getaway or perhaps a local jewel just around the corner. Sometimes it may seem a little overwhelming travelling, especially for parents with young kids, so we are hoping to inspire you to take that first step out the front door on a marvellous, life-changing journey, and show you that if we can do it, so can you.

We’ve connected with fascinating people during our travels, and have experienced dizzying highs and the occasional lows. This blog is our way of documenting and sharing our experiences in a transparent, fun and entertaining way. It’s a form of therapy for us - a constant anchor to focus on when every day is different. And it’s a neat way you can get to know our family and join our journey without paying for a plane ticket.

We initially started the blog so we didn’t have to repeat the same stories to numerous family and friends. But as more and more people started following our journey we shifted our focus on becoming a unique and invaluable travel resource to parents, couples and singles alike. Now our blog reaches tens of thousands of readers from all over the world each month and has been featured in national prime time TV programs, national newspapers, magazines and major websites like HuffPost. It’s been a whirlwind ride and we always working hard to make it even better for you.

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