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I'm Jonny Blair. I'm in my early thirties and have an absolute passion for people, places, travel, beer and football. Sometimes all at the same time...

I grew up in the town of Bangor in Northern Ireland but since leaving in 2003, I have managed to travel, work and live around the world, visiting all 7 continents and over 100 countries in the process. These journeys are what makes me tick. Every day should be different. Life is an adventure. I live a lifestyle of travel and want to encourage you to do it too! Which, you can, easily! Hopefully my stories and tips on this website can inspire you to get out there and see the world too.

After my first ever trip abroad on my own back in 1991, I developed a keen passion for exploring the world, which eventually led to my website being started back in 2007. In the past, I have worked in bars, boats, offices, farms, theatres, shops and schools, and for companies such as Apple, Tesco and Tiger Beer.

I have a degree in Public Relations and am a published author. I have also studied in England, China, Australia and Uruguay. I write about places I go, people I meet, jobs I've had, buses I've missed, beers I've drank, adventures I've experienced and anything else that takes my fancy. A lifestyle of travel means I'm always on the move, even when I have a settled job!

I hope to provide important travel tips, essential advice, endless stories and light hearted humour based on my experiences on this sphere we find ourselves on. I will give you a first hand account, an honest guide to travelling the world. Although I am now temporarily based in Hong Kong, I'm almost always on the road...

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