Jeremy Scott Foster

Blogger & Bartender

Travel Freak

I’ve been traveling since 2010, working my way around the world as a blogger and cocktail bartender. I seek adventure in every circumstance as I try to unearth the greatest and most rewarding cultural experiences I can.

I love bagel sandwiches and can speak Mandarin Chinese like a four year old.

Less than a year after graduating college, I made a snap decision to quit my job, sell many of my belongings and buy a one-way ticket to the other side of the world. I had earned my degree and was working in the IT industry. It was the middle of a recession and, frankly, I was already sick of it.

It was time to jump ship.

I left for Australia with nothing more than a backpack and a measly excuse for a savings. My six month journey to Australia took much longer than that, and now, years later, I'm still traveling, still thriving, and still exploring other countries. I have found a new direction in my life and have discovered a career that I love. I am a cocktail bartender, and I travel the world at a slow pace, working in the best bars I can find.

It's easier to quit your job and move on for a life of travel than you probably think. I've been sustaining my travels through my positions as a cocktailian/mixologist. I've created a lifestyle for myself which suits my strengths while giving me the creativity and freedom to do (and roam) as I please.

My intention is to inspire you to do the very same. Quit your job and travel the world!

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