Carlo Florence

Irish couple who loves to travel

Next Stop Who Knows

We left home in 2013 to pursue our dreams of travelling the world while building an online business so that we could work from anywhere.

Coming from a small town in the west of Ireland, we are micro-entrepreneurs, bloggers and world travellers. Having started our own online businesses and travelled to 39 countries together, we feel that we have lots of interesting tales to tell and share with the world.
NextStopWhoKnows is our online footprint, envisaged as a fun and informative resource for those bitten by the travel bug and keen for an insight into the mindset and lifestyle of a couple that travels the world while working from a laptop.

Travelling the world used to be seen as a remote possibility, and one that was only achievable by making enormous sacrifices in terms of one’s career and finances.

From Columbia to Calcutta, these “lifestyle designers” have found that it is possible to have your cake and indeed eat it too. We’ve found out that it IS possible to savour the culturally enriching, horizon broadening, downright FUN experiences of world travel whilst earning a FULL TIME living!

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