Anthony Penna

Adventurer, Outdoorsman, Food and Alcohol Lover

I am a 26 year old, New Jersey native who could not stand to stay in one place. All through
college, the thought of graduating and move right back home to get a job and live out my life
scared me. I firmly believe the idea of going to school, getting a job, then a family, and living out
the rest of my life in a monotonous routine is ridiculous. We live on this giant floating blue rock,
your home town should not be all you see.
A few months after college I packed up my car and headed west to the mountains. I found
myself in Vail, Colorado, working as a ski bum. This is where my passion to travel began. I
started to see more of the US, road trips and frequent camping outings got me out of my
comfort zone. I found myself dreaming more about new places.
Whether it's hiking, camping, fishing or some type of extreme sport, most of my time here is
spent outdoors. The rest of the time at work I spend on the internet looking at places I want to
see. I am constantly searching for flights all over the world, looking for those once in a blue
moon prices we all hope for. Digging through all of my frequent flier accounts to see if I have
enough miles to get anywhere. Checking out hotels and things to do, all to fill this travel void. I
find myself searching for flights for friends just because I enjoy it.
When I travel somewhere new there is one major thing on my mind, food and alcohol. I love to
try new and exciting meals and having a local beer in the process make is that much better. A
perfect day to me is spent walking around and eating. Who doesn't love to eat.
I met my girlfriend out in Colorado and she thankfully shares the need to travel. We try to hit the
skies as much as possible. We spent a month in Europe last year, and had many weekend trips
to new places since then. We have plans for many more trips in the coming months and the
dreaming has already began for the coming years.

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