Turkish Back Massage in Istanbul


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The back massage focuses on the head, neck and shoulder area where many people hold their stress. The energy points are activated to improve circulation and promote relaxation.



35 minutes

Activitiy Location

İstanbul, Turkey

Provided by

Ayasofya Hamam

The Sections of the Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hamam
Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hamam, which is located in the historic peninsula between Blue Mosque and Haghia Sophia Museum is spread over threeacres of land, containing Turkish bath, restaurant and cafe sections.

Cold Room

The cold section features; VIP rooms, private chambers and lockers, a reception, massage rooms, a recreation area at the terrace level, and a boutique store selling items specially produced for the Hagia Sophia Hürrem Sultan Hamam. This is where you will change into the pestamal (silk wrap) before your bath. After your bath experience this is also the place to relax, drink a replenishing sherbet (fruit drink) and gaze up at the huge dome basking in the history of the sultans.

Warm Room

After perspiring in the hot room, this is the place where the attendants will scrub your skin. You can also see part of the old heating system that was originally used in the hamam.

Hot Room

The large marble massage platform in the hot room lies under the hamam’s dome and is surrounded by both open and private alcoves (halvet). The temperature in the hot room is around 42 – 47 degrees while the private alcoves may reach 60 degrees. In the hot section there are basins to fill with cooling water and gold-plated bowls for pouring it over your body. This room is where you first go so the heat prepares your skin for the scrub. It is also where the bubble wash and massage service is provided after your scrub.


Terms & Conditions

  • The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the purchase date.
  • General cancellation policy applies.
  • This coupon is under general terms and conditions.

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