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New York

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Central Park is often referred to as the “Lungs” of the city of New York. Here are several
reasons why: such a vast expanse of beautiful greenery is not only refreshing for the mind but
healthy for the lungs of anyone who spends his time there. Central Park is unlike the common
urban parks. It covers an area as large as 843 acres encompassing the area of 59th street to the
110th street of New York City. Exploring Central Park is one of the top list activities of tourists.
From the hummingbirds to the mesmerizing fragrance of flowers every corner of Central Park is
accompanied by surprises. Central park is filled with the colors of nature. Such a massive
ground is both intimidating and welcoming. To move about Central Park completely one needs
eight hours, and that too on a ride.
Amidst such a beauty of a nature, it would be unwise to be on a car, depriving your head the
luxury of fresh air. Visiting Central Park should be all about the freshness of air and the beauty it
offers to your eye. To help you enjoy Central Park with both an open air facility and a ride, there
are traditional and historical means of riding available within Central Park. Pedicab tours are the
most famous rides in Central Park, preferred by almost every tourist. For couples and children
both pedicab rides is a delight in itself. Rolling along the shady paths, passing by the artistic
monuments, sculptures, fruit fields, floral gardens, malls and striking walkways on pedicab is
one of a kind experience.
Pedicab industry started to earn its fame in the year 2005.
The pedicabs designed today are well engineered. They are registered and check for safety
before allowed for give a public service.
The experience of Central Park ride on a pedicab is one of a kind. The best thing about it is that
the ride is slow which allows you to enjoy each and every view coming your view. You will find
on your way artistry, beautiful sceneries, floral gardens decorated with different landscape
architecture. You will see birds you have never seen before. For those who want to sit and relax
will find small food stalls on their way



1 h

Activitiy Location

New York, New York, United States

Provided by

Peter Pen Tours

Established in 2011.

Peter Pan Pedicabs operate in Central Park, New York, NY and are concentrated on 5th Avenue and 58th Street (South East corner of Central Park) . Rickshaws are well maintained and inspected by DCA (Department Consumer Affairs) to insure the safest and most pleasurable ride. Our drivers are friendly and fun and work hard to make your pedicab experience the most memorable in Big Apple.
Peter Pan Pedicab services are available for weddings, birthdays, tours, parties, or any other event that you would like one or more pedicabs present. We are also available for Advertisement and other local events (Triathlon, Marathon).


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  • The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the purchase date.
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