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The Barcelona Zoo’s main aim is to contribute to the conservation of wild fauna and global biodiversity, by working in partnership with other zoos, institutions, universities and research centres. To achieve this, it must undertake decisive actions in the fields of both public education and entertainment in order to raise awareness of the world’s ecosystems, habitats and species. For this reason, the Zoo should take on a leading role in the city’s biodiversity conservation strategy.
The entertainment and fun the Zoo provides visitors would be a highly valuable and powerful tool in promoting the need for biodiversity conservation. The Zoo also contributes to the development of scientific knowledge through its own research as well as its collaboration with other research centers. Another of the Zoo’s primary objectives is to incorporate and promote sustainability values such as corporate social responsibility and environmental protection. These values must infuse all the work carried out at the Zoo and must be promoted on the Zoo’s Website (Agenda 21). In short, the values that must permeate daily work at the Zoo are transparency, commitment and spirit of service, both to the natural environment and to the community.



Every Day Starting at 10:00 AM

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Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo celebrates its 120th anniversary in 2012. The Zoo first opened its doors to the public on the Festival of the Mercè in 1892, Barcelona's patron saint's day on 24 September, on a site that had been part of the 1888 Universal Exposition in the Parc de la Ciutadella. A number of generations have passed through this site and have undoubtedly experienced very thrilling moments, unforgettable sequences that are repeated over the years, as the children of yesterday are the parents and grandparents of today.

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