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Have you ever experienced a unique and incomparable to nothing adventure, when you scud with a dog sled through misleading forest curves, when there is a screaming silence around and you hear only a dart of restless blue-eyed, four-footed friends?! You don't have to travel to Scandinavian countries and pay a lot any more! We offer you this activities right here, only 40km from Vilnius!

Here you will:
meet our Huskies and racedogs, gather some knowledge about dog sledding sport and equipment used therein;
have a short but exhaustive briefing given by certified coaches, who will teach you how to harness and steer the dogs;
experience a spectacular ride with accompany of the coach.

The sledding fascinates people with the way it organically merges with the nature. The dogs love to run and people, when riding narrow forest tracks, become overwhelmed with indescribable feelings - they sense the first unrestrained power breakthrough that turns into a dog run. Everyone who has so far experienced this striking journey, was glad to rest in the way that nothing else remained in mind – no concerns about work and other things. They were just flooded with uplifted mood and ardour.





1.5 hours

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Nuotykių akademija

“Academy of adventure” is not just a business, it is a dream that came true. An acquaintance with the first two Malamutes and reflections about our own dog sled turned not only into new means of subsistence but a completely different way of life – with a new approach and new values.
Our motto is: “Do what you love. Your activity must be your lifestyle, not just a way to earn money.” Finally, when there is love and passion, money appears itself!
Having indulged in this intriguing adventure with the most charming and smartest dogs – Huskies and Malamutes, we became the originators of dog sled sports in Lithuania, the first and so far the only certified instructors of this sports in Lithuania. Then, having resigned from our permanent jobs in the capital, we began to organize non-traditional outdoor leisure activities. Our lives have taken completely different directions and focused on our beloved pets. They taught us to look more broadly and now we take care of them as of our children.

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  • The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the purchase date.
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