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The best way to visit Rome’s most significant archeological sites and get the feeling of the typical habits and customs of the ancient Romans.
You will be guided by an expert in ancient Roman history throughout the tour (inside the Colosseum, in the Roman Forum and on the Palatine hill).
Avoid the long queue with an all-inclusive ticket for this unique half-day tour which covers the most visited sites in Rome.

The tour starts in front of the Colosseum with an explanation of its history and architecture. Then, the guide will take you into the Amphitheatre (without queuing) and describe, with some anecdotes, the hard life of the gladiators and the gory games held in the arena. From one of its terraces, your guide will illustrate the Arch of Constantine and the other monuments around the Colosseum.
Once outside, the visite continues in the nearby Roman Forum, where some of the most fundamental monuments in the history of Rome can be seen, such as the Curia, dthe centre of the Roman Senate, temples including the funeral altar of Julius Caesar, the remains of the magnificent House and Temple of the Vestals, and the Arch of Titus, with decorations recalling the Jewish religion.
From here, the guide will take you up to the Palatine, the hill on which Romulus founded the city of Rome and which later became the site of the imperial residences. Here it will be possible to see the impressive remains of one of the most important buildings, the Imperial Palace built by the Emperor Domitian, as well as the Imperial Family’s private stadium. This unforgettable visit concludes with a view over the Circus Maximum below, the first and largest circus in Ancient Rome used primarily for chariot racing.





3 hours


: 15 people

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Lazio, Italy

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Oerome offers guided tours and cultural events promoting the knowledge of the historic, artistic and archaeological heritage of Rome and its province. Our tours are characterized by high standards, including professional expertise in Roman history, excellent language skills, private or semi-private visits, small groups, and, last but not least, no queuing for tickets at the sites. Along with the traditional tours to the most popular monuments, museums and exhibitions in and around Rome, we set up unusual and personalized itineraries in line with the requests of our clientele.
Our guides are university graduates with degrees in archaeology or history of art who also have an official licence to exercise the profession of tourist guide. They have wide experience in the field, as well as an excellent knowledge of languages, so we can offer any kind of visit. Overome's events have a high cultural profile and are organized by personnel with excellent academic knowledge, creativity and social skills. Thanks to this and to the unique historical locations in the Eternal City, we are able to arrange happenings in accordance with the client's interests and specifications. Among Overome's activities is the technical-scientific support which we can provide in the archaeological field undertaking excavations and assisting the restoration work of urban and extra-urban archaeological sites. Culture is always at the centre of our work, and this, together with courtesy and professionalism, forms the mix that we have chosen to illustrate the history of Rome and it's most beautiful places.

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