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We find records about the "miraculous" springs spurting up o­n the territory of the Bath from as early a date as the 15th century. These springs were later favoured by the Turks as well, as they were larger and hotter than the Buda baths of the period. In the 17th century, the site was named Sárosfürdő (Mud bath) because of the fine spring silt that was pushed up together with the spring water and settled at the bottom of the pools.
The Gellért Thermal Bath and Hotel, known world-wide and highly favoured by foreigners, built in a secession style, opened its gates in 1918 and was expanded in 1927 by the wave-bath and in 1934 by the effervescent bath. In the course of the modernisation accomplished in our days, the sitting-pool in the swimming complex, the outdoor sitting pool and the children's pool were renovated; they were equipped with a state-of-the art water filtering and circulation device. At present, nearly all healing facilities may be used in the Gellért Thermal Bath. The Bath includes a department offering complex thermal bath acilities (daytime/outpatient hospital), it also has an inhalatorium.



Daily: 06:00 am - 20:00 pm

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Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

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Gellert Thermal Bath

Most of the baths open today were established by the Turks, examples of which, the Rudas and the Király Baths, are still in operation after five hundred years. At that period in history, our city was called the Mecca of Rheumatics due to the salutary effects of its thermal waters.

The waters are also effective in healing locomotor, circulatory diseases and womens? health problems. Open-air baths - built mainly on the outskirts of the city to complement the thermal baths located mainly within the city center - have been popular with the inhabitants of Budapest since the 1920?s.

Unmatched even on a world scale, the daily delivery of 70 million litres of 21-78 oC thermal waters, gushing out of 123 natural hot springs and drilled wells, means that Budapest can proudly proclaim itself as the capital city of healing and thermal waters. The Széchenyi Thermal Baths, built at the beginning of the 20th century and the first healing baths in Pest, is the biggest bathing complex in both Budapest and Europe. It is also very reminiscient of the Roman, Greek and Eastern styles of bathing.

Those who seek recovery from illness by bathing in the healing waters; or prefer to bask in the hot rays of the sun; or just simply while away the time in a stunning, captivating atmosphere will find a perfect solution here in Budapest. If water sports are your thing, then you too will be completely satisfied with the facilities the city has to offer.

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