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Museums There are many in Stuttgart, but none is like the swine Museum in Stuttgart. Immerse yourself to just under 1,000 square meters and a total of 3 storeys in the collection of Erika Wilhelmer and learn all about the pig. The Pigs Museum presented using exhibits from around the world topics like "Walkabout" the development of different pig breeds or even the meaning as "The Divine Pig". The topics are attractively prepared, so that a visit to the museum for children and adults alike exciting design and is a great trip. The whole world of pigs in a museum. Click here for a complete overview of the offer in the pig museum and who wants to see in advance what will await him at the museum, click on the picture gallery of the museum.
The Pigs Museum is full of original lucky pigs, piggy banks and stuffed pigs - have to look at, touch and love - there for all the senses to experience something. Sitting in every corner of the museum, perched, or is idling a comical animal with curly tail. Look to also browse through our picture gallery Pigs Museum to get a first impression.

Spread over 25 themed rooms and three rooms for temporary exhibitions present all kinds pigs eventful history. From zoology over the pig in art and culture to legendary pigs from mythology and symbolism - in this world unique museum give you pig in the most colorful and craziest colors, shapes and designs, the versatility of this animal warm. Whether gold, plush, wood, ceramic or cork, whether as a cup, painting, tie or letterbox whether painted, varnished, glued, cast, hammered or pottery: There is nothing that does not exist!

From Glücksschwein over the piggy bank to the cuddly pig, produced by the masses Kitsch on everyday consumer goods to rare antiques and valuable individual pieces offer the versatile theme rooms incentive and opportunity to engage with the meaning, the sense and nonsense of various obscenities and the artistic accomplishment of our bristly friends to set. The museum not only has a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions, but with its accumulated filth always on tour. As swine ambassadors, the museum already presented in Zurich, Karlsruhe, Munich and Nuremberg.



Daily: 11:00 am - 7:30 pm


1 hour

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Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Provided by

Schweine Museum

The Pigs Museum, like all major museums in Stuttgart a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions. The permanent exhibition includes more than 50,000 exhibits and is thematic in total 29 themed rooms housed. Known artists for exhibitions ever recovered (eg Horst Eckert aka Janosch) or topics of interest (eg world Schweinetag) temporarily in the Museum presents.


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