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Sportfishing trips in these parts are about as abundant as leaves on a tree. As a customer that's good news for you. It means you can count on certain standards. Things like a seasoned crew, great fishing, plenty of refreshments, and a fun day out at sea. So rather than waste more time touting that which everyone has, we'd like to tell you a bit more about what sets us apart. All of our captains are locals. If they weren't born here, they've been fishing here for decades. Even taking into account the fact that we go out less during the green season, we're out fishing roughly 200 days a year. Over a lifetime of fishing here, that's a lot of full and half day sportfishing trips. Those kinds of numbers mean three things. One if it exists here in Flamingo, they've seen it or caught it, so they'll show you how. Secondly if there is a secret spot, they've been there, so they'll show you where. And finally, if it can happen, they've survived it, so they'll keep you safe.
You back that kind of experience with one or two of our very seasoned seaman, and you've got the recipe for a great trip.


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Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Flamingo Sport Fishing

Our company is one of the few sport fishing outfits in Flamingo that is actually owned and run by Costa Ricans. That brings a lot of knowledge, and a lot of history to our operation. Our family has been in these parts since before the first hotels were even being considered. Our grandparents were involved in artisan fishing, or as it's called in Spanish pesca artesanal, selling what they caught to the co-operative in Playa Coco. In total, we've been fishing these waters since 1982.


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