Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour

Naranjo de Alajuela

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At the Espiritu Santo Coffee Tour you will learn from enthusiastic guides how this organic coffee is grown, cared-for, harvested, and processed to produce some of the world’s best coffee beans. At the same time, you will have the chance to learn about Costa Rican history and taste a freshly roasted cup.
The tour begins at the rancho “El Mirador” where the tour guides introduce themselves and give a brief introduction to Espiritu Santo. Visitors will have the chance to sit down and enjoy a fresh sample of Espiritu Santo’s gourmet coffee, while looking out over the plantation’s beautiful coffee rows.
Once the group is ready, the tour continues on a short path through the plantation. Along this trail, visitors learn about the growth of coffee plants, from seedlings in nurseries to the time they are planted and picked in the plantations.
After walking along the plantation, visitors soon find themselves at the wet processing mill, where they can learn about how the coffee beans are measured, peeled, selected, and dried. Once the coffee beans are completely dry, it’s time for roasting, and Espiritu Santo’s aromatic roasting room is one or the biggest in Costa Rica. In the roasting room, visitors can view the large roasting machinery, and they can see the roasting process in action.
Before the tour concludes, visitors have the chance to visit an old traditional house, La Casita de Juancho, where they witness how coffee was brewed in the time before coffee makers, and why some people still prefer to use a chorreador. Finally, the tour ends at the retail coffee shop, where visitors can stock up on delicious chocolate-covered coffee beans and more.





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Naranjo de Alajuela, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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