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The mist-swathed peaks of Huangshan are an elegant Chinese scroll painting come to life. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, whose name literally means "Yellow Mountain," has inspired painters and poets throughout the centuries with its timeless beauty. Home to its own variation of pine tree and green tea, Huangshan is famous for its dramatic rocky peaks, sea of clouds, and magical sunrise. On this trip, you'll get to hike up Huangshan more than once, stopping at various points of interest to enjoy the majestic views that have been immortalized in paintings and poems.



4 days

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Huangshan, China

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Wild China

China is a nation of people and their stories. Of joy and struggle, tradition and innovation. Of mighty rivers, vast wilderness, and sprawling mega cities. It’s a tale 5,000 years in the making, and we’re just getting to the most exciting chapter.

We are the travel company that punches through the tourist bubble to get to the real stories. We empower you to discover the China that lives amid the aromatic sizzle of street-side woks, in bustling city markets and far-flung mountain villages, and most of all, in the hearts of the people you will meet along the way.

Play your part in the story of a nation set to shape the 21st century. Come with us to Experience China Differently.

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