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As divers descend through the clear waters to the 25m/80 foot landing, they will see sharks circling below them along with hundreds of jacks, snappers and other fish species swirling around the feeding area. Within this excitement divers are rewarded by rare sightings of the huge queensland grouper and humphead wrasse. Divers are not in a cage, but situated on the reef around the perimeter of the dive site called “the Arena”. Once settled in, the feed begins. Tawny Nurse sharks are abundant and not shy as they crowd around the feeders. Lemon Sharks attend in ones or twos. Silver tips dart in and out from the blue. The main attraction, the huge Bull Sharks, arrive in numbers as far as the eye can see. They purposefully move in opening their enormous jaws to take the food from the feeder in direct view of the diving guests.
An amazing experience, yes! Let us take you one step further… Enter the Tiger Shark.
Everything you were just witnessing has gone still and silent as the 16-18 foot denizen of the sea slowly and deliberately moves in to claim the area with its grand presence. The queen has arrived. She slowly scans the area with her black eyes taking it all in. All the others move aside as she comes around several times to feed just feet away from the divers, and then is on her way, leaving the divers in awe.





50 minutes

Activitiy Location

Ontario, Canada

Provided by

Aqua Trek

qua-Trek is Fiji's premier Dive Operator serving divers since 1985 with a friendly professional staff, a 5-star standard of quality and a pristine safety record. Aqua-Trek's Beqa facility offers world-class dive adventures in Beqa Lagoon, renowned for its stunning soft coral displays. Divers are pleased to discover that Aqua-Trek's guides are experts at locating the most elusive and unique marine life. But that's not all Aqua-Trek Beqa is famous for, thanks to Aqua-Trek's highly skilled dive staff, the Beqa area is home to the world's most diverse shark feed in the world, Aqua-Trek's Ultimate Shark Encounter. Eight different species of shark including massive bull and tiger sharks can be found on this one dive!

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  • The coupon will be valid for 12 months from the purchase date.
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