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Many have likened The BDC Distillery Experience (AKA the 'Be shown around' tour) to an expedition into the Congo, it is a journey into the unknown. The tour begins in the past with The BDC Story, (AKA the 'Show yourself around' tour) then weaves its way to the dark, swirling wells of molasses. Then it's onto the mysterious processes of fermentation and distillation, around to the grand hall of historic oak vats the size of large houses. Grown men have been known to walk away from The BDC Distillery Experience shedding tears of enlightenment.



10:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday 10:00am-2:00pm, Saturday-Sunday & Public holidays


1 hour


: 20 minutes before the tour
: 50 people

Activitiy Location

Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

Pick-up point

Bundaberg East, Queensland, Australia

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Bundaberg Distillery

The Bundaberg Distilling Co. was born in 1888, when a band of ingenious Sugar Millers turned a horrendous Molasses surplus into fine Rum.Fast-forward to 1986, when every day thousands of punters would arrive and pound on the distillery door, pleading to be let in for a look around. In response to this conundrum, we hired a strapping young man, gave him a whistle and a cap and made him a tour guide.Today more than 85,000 humans visit the BDC Bondstore each year, and not a single one leaves disappointed. Some don't leave, they stick around and soak up the atmosphere of the Bundy Bar, sampling sweet rum at the source. Then they head over to the retail store, where they buy goods to take home, impress and make jealous their friends and family.


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